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1 / In order to respect the terrain:

  • Do not make a trial swing on the tees

  • Do not use your trolley on departures

  • Do not move with your trolley at the edge of the greens and, in particular, between the adjacent bunkers and the greens

  • Pick up the pitches on the greens

  • Carefully replace the divots

  • Clear the tracks in the bunkers and get out on the right side

  • Do not take the ball out of the hole in the flagstick using your putter, nor touch the edge of the holes either by removing or suddenly replacing the flagstick

  • Do not throw paper, bottles or cigarette ends on the course.



2 / In order to respect the players:

  • Playing with a decent outfit

  • Do not take the start without having booked

  • Leave the green as soon as the hole is completed

  • Leaving the green before scoring the scores

  • Be sure to place his cart between the green and the next tee

  • Priority on the pitch is determined by a group's pace of play

  • When a group is followed by another obviously faster, it should invite it to pass. The term "group" includes a player playing alone

  • If a player believes his ball may be lost outside of a water hazard, he should play a provisional ball

  • Players looking for a ball should signal the players in the next group to pass them as soon as it becomes clear that the ball will not be easy to find. Do not wait 5 minutes to proceed like this

  • Practice balls are prohibited on the course, Etiquette (Rules of golf pages 21 to 24)

  • Any part playing the full hole has the right to skip a part playing an incomplete turn.


The Members of the Council are responsible for ensuring that these basic principles are respected.




Off-limits :  

- Fences and white stakes bordering on the right the holes n ° 3 - 8 - 10 - 15 - 16

- White lines and stakes behind the greens of holes 5 - 18


Distance markers: the markers, located in the middle part of the fairway, indicate the distance of the point from the entrance to the green (middle of the green for par 3s). Colors: White  = 200 m / Yellow = 150 m / Red = 100 m / Blue = 50 m.


The poles 135 meters from the entrance to the green, white in color, are located on either side of the fairway.




Article 1  : Priority in the field:

- The priority on the field is determined by the pace of play of a group.

- At the start of hole n ° 10, only players coming from hole n ° 9 have priority.


Article 2  : On competition days, non-competing players will not be able to start without the agreement of the reception.


Article 3  : The  grassed roads and paths are an integral part of the route; we therefore play the ball where it is. On un-grassed roads, relief under rule 24-2b is permitted.


Article 4: If a ball strikes a wire or the electric poles (hole 1 or 17) the player must replay another ball, without penalty, as close as possible to the place where the original ball was played (rule 20-5).


Article 5  : The ditches generally located to the right and / or to the left of the holes are  considered as red stake penalty areas.


Article 6  : Dropping without penalties on the ground: On the tracks of the machine only / Flower beds, or trees with guardian.


Item  7: Stones in bunkers are considered rubbish.


Article 8  :  Bridges are an integral part of the water obstacle.


Article 9: The use in competitions of devices for measuring or evaluating distance is authorized, with the exception of any device which would make it possible to evaluate or measure any other element (such as height difference, wind, temperature, etc. ) even if this function is not used.


Article 10: No dropping zone at hole 17.


Article 11: On federal competition days, access to the course is strictly prohibited in the morning. The tournament committee and reception will indicate the departure times for the afternoon.

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